The Saturday Quiz


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1. The abbreviated title of this magazine is 'O', and it was launched in April 2000. By whom?

2. What, in 2012, is "proud to only accept Visa"?

3. The Band of the Coldstream Guards plays the theme music of which TV comedy classic?

4. They were based in Baden-Baden in 2006, and in Rustenberg in 2010. Who are they and where will they be based in 2012?

5. Mostar in Bosnia-Herzegovina is the site of a statue to a movie star (1940-1973) considered a symbol of "loyalty, skill, friendship and justice". There is also a statue to him in Hong Kong. Who is he?

6. London is Londres, Dover is Douvres, but how is Edinburgh rendered in French?

7. Who is the vice-president of the United States?

8. Former Chancellor of the Exchequer; 1965 film starring Julie Christie and Dirk Bogarde; Abbey Road; area of Sydney. What's the connection?

9. The Armory Show is which city's foremost contemporary art fair?

10. Half of Britain's entire population of wild red deer live on which moor?

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