The Saturday Quiz


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1. St Asaph, Chelmsford and Perth. What's the connection?

2. Which computer-related word was coined by William Gibson in his 1982 story Burning Chrome?

3. In 1968, five Surbiton secretaries worked an unpaid extra half-hour and urged others to do the same. What was the campaign that followed called?

4. Which character created by Edgar Rice Burroughs was raised by the Mangani?

5. Walrus in Liverpool, Octopus in Hong Kong. What in London?

6. Trajan, Gotham, Walbaum and Courier are all types of what?

7. In September 1844 at New York's Bloomingdale Park, the US were beaten by the British Empire's Canadian Province in the first international match in which sport?

8. The PACs are the unofficial fundraisers for US political parties. What does PAC stand for?

9. Which celebrity chef said last year: "Frankly I'm built like a shot-putter"?

10. Dorothy Parker famously described an actress as running the gamut of emotions from A to B. The actress won four Oscars, the first in 1934, the last in 1982. Who?

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