The Saturday Quiz


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1. England rugby union coach; played with The Beatles on "Get Back"; naval hero; comedian born Eric Bartholomew. What's the connection?

2. What work of reference was founded by Colin Macfarquhar and Andrew Bell in 1768, and produced in 15 editions that spanned the next 242 years?

3. Now a life peer – Baroness [...] of Crosby – in 1950 she became the first woman chair of the Oxford University Labour Club. Who is she?

4. H&M started life in 1947 in which European country?

5. Which central London district is named after a Roman citizen who, in about 304AD, at the age of 14, was beheaded for his Christian faith?

6. How did members of the Algonquin Round Table refer to themselves?

7. Shining Path is a Maoist rebel group operating in which South American country?

8. Who, in a poem in 1894, coined the phrase "the love that dare not speak its name"?

9. How many different varieties of Quality Street chocolates are there?

10. Old Trafford, August 1990; Mirpur, March 2012. What?

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