The Saturday Quiz


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1. "Inspire a generation" is the motto for what?

2. Laurence Olivier was the first. Nicholas Hytner is the latest. But who have been the other three artistic directors of the National Theatre?

3. Which comedian entitled her 2010 autobiography, Look Back in Hunger?

4. There's Galicia in Spain but there is also a historic region called Galicia that straddles which two eastern European countries?

5. Martin Amis, Shane MacGowan, Helena Bonham Carter and Nick Clegg all attended which school?

6. Qufu, a city in south-western China, is a tourist destination because it is close to what is thought to be whose birthplace?

7. Which Canadian singer-songwriter was born Roberta Joan Anderson in 1943?

8. King George V, Franklin Roosevelt, Ayn Rand, and Freddie Mercury (right) were all enthusiastic collectors of what?

9. The quagga is an extinct subspecies of which southern African wild animal?

10. Foie gras literally translates as what?

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