The Saturday Quiz


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1. Richard 1, Robert the Bruce, Thomas Hardy, and Olympics founder Pierre de Coubertin. What's the posthumous connection?

2. On which hit record did Tina Turner immortalise her home town in Tennessee?

3. The story of Giovanna d'Aragona was the inspiration for which celebrated tragic drama, written in 1612-13?

4. They were founded in 1880 as St Mark's (West Gorton), becoming Ardwick Association Football Club in 1887. What did they become in 1894?

5. How many arrondissements are there in Paris?

6. Hartsfield-Jackson is the world's busiest airport. Which US city?

7. In 1948 Syngman Rhee became the first president of which country?

8. In which classic 1957 movie does a medieval knight play chess with the personification of death?

9. Klaus Barbie, Robert Maxwell, Richard Branson, Gordon Brown, Simon Cowell. What?

10. The first one was created by Arthur Wynne and it appeared in the 21 December, 1913 edition of The New York World. What?

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