The Saturday Quiz


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1. What was the Bee Gees' original name?

2. Liverpool vs Arsenal on 22 August 1964 marked what first?

3. Richard Ford, Simon & Garfunkel, Terry Gilliam. What's the connection?

4. Which leading British dramatist has written 75 plays?

5. How are TV personalities Dave Myers and Si King better known?

6. ...And How To Get It. According to the title of this 1965 film comedy, how to get what?

7. Which Royal Navy officer's wartime ruses included forging Reichsmarks to disrupt the German economy?

8. Who recently released a seven-minute promotional video titled 'Forward'?

9. In which 19th-century novel does a character kill himself and his half-sister "because we are too menny"?

10. Which is the largest county in the Republic of Ireland?

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