The Saturday Quiz


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1. The first modern Olympic Games, in Athens in 1896, featured nine sports. What were they?

2. What time is it on Big Ben in the symbol for the 1948 Olympic Games?

3. Which triple Olympic gold-medal winner died of epilepsy in 1998 at the age of 38?

4. At which Games was Steve Redgrave when he said, "If anyone finds me close to a rowing boat ever again they have my permission to shoot me"?

5. Who threw his Olympic gold medal into the Ohio river?

6. Which winner of five Olympic gold medals in the 1920s has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame?

7. Henri Didon, a French Dominican preacher who lived from 1840-1900, made what contribution to the Olympic movement?

8. Eight gold medals – the first in 1928, the most recent in 1980. Which country and which team sport?

9. Which 1968 gold medal-winner was told by a rival, "You have destroyed this event"?

10. The first Paralympic Games took place in which decade?

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