The Saturday Quiz


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1. Which London hotel has a Claude Monet Suite?

2. Which sub-genre of movies was first identified by the Italian journalist Alfonso Sancha?

3. Ben Drew; Jessica Cornish; Malcolm Little. The connection?

4. Which awards are named after Antoinette Perry?

5. Which celebrated 20th-century drama is set in a seaside home in Connecticut in 1912 and follows events over the course of a day, from about 8.30am until around midnight?

6. In 2011 who was the subject of an 'unauthorised autobiography'?

7. Which world leader has a doctorate for a thesis on quantum chemistry?

8. The City Lights Bookstore, founded by Lawrence Ferlinghetti in 1953, is in which city?

9. Which British composer was exempted from military service in 1939-45 on the understanding that he would compose music for wartime propaganda films?

10. Born in 1933, her Twitter profile reads: 'Actress, writer, producer, wife, mother, grandmother. Much travelled. Exhausted'. Her locations: 'London, LA, NYC, St Tropez'. Who?

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