The Saturday Quiz


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1. How is Belgian writer Georges Remi (1907-1983) better known?

2. Destroyed portrait of Winston Churchill; one-time face of Miss Ultimo; early 20th-C England cricket captain. The connection?

3. Waterford to Gatwick in 1985. The first what?

4. The name of which type of takeaway/packed meal translates from the original as 'convenience'?

5. Which are there more of – London Underground stations or Paris Metro stations?

6. In 1980, Crotched Mountain in New Hampshire became the site of the world's first what?

7. Which machine – the title of a 1995 novel that became a 2001 film – was invented by German engineer Albert Scherbius at the end of the First World War?

8. Six players tied for top scorer at Euro 2012 with three goals each; who got the Golden Boot?

9. At the end of the 20th century which was the most populous American city that had been founded in that century?

10. Which fictional character in children's literature first appeared in 1958 and hails from 'deepest, darkest Peru'?