The Saturday Quiz


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1. The 1956 German film that was the inspiration for The Sound of Music was called what?

2. Mesopotamia broadly equates to which modern-day country?

3. Martin Sorrell, Gordon Banks, Chris Moyles, and, among many others. What?

4. He died in 2011 and his coffin’s buried at a 45-degree angle so he can oversee Scarborough. Who?

5. Northumbrian, Cornish, Zetland and Pastoral. All types of what?

6. What is Lord Justice Leveson’s first name?

7. What did chapter 28 of Ethel Merman’s memoirs – My Marriage to Ernest Borgnine – consist of?

8. Vincenzo Nibali third, Christopher Froome second, and who first?

9. Which major London store began life in Borough High Street, Southwark in 1824?

10. From December 1818 until his death in February 1821, who was engaged to Fanny Brawne?