The Saturday Quiz


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1. Tolley's is the so-called bible of what?

2. Gloria Swanson (1950; Michael Douglas (1987); Naomi Watts (2001); Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet (2008). What's the connection?

3. Which item of clothing is named after the French acrobat (1842-1870) and pioneer of the trapeze who popularised it?

4. The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown was a short story that was in part the basis of which celebrated 1950 musical?

5. The HQ of the European Central Bank is where?

6. What does BMX stand for in BMX cycling?

7. Who is the vicar of the fictional St Saviour in the Marshes?

8. Eastern, Pacific, Sydney Rock and Southern Mud are all types of what?

9. Which band's final gig was at a hall of residence at the University of Birmingham on 2 May, 1980?

10. The Treaty of Frankfurt (1871) ended which war?