The Saturday Quiz


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1. A&R (in the context of the music industry) stands for what?

2. Outside Britain, Ireland and the Channel Islands, which are the only two European countries where traffic drives on the left?

3. The first is Helvellyn. The 214th and last is Fellbarrow. What?

4. In The Importance of Being Earnest, what was prepared for Lady Bracknell but eaten beforehand by Algernon?

5. Which world leader is said to have £400,000-worth of watches?

6. His real name is Graham McPherson; he performed at both the Diamond Jubilee concert and the Olympics closing ceremony. How is he better known?

7. 'Livestrong' was a slogan coined as part of which sportsman's charity fundraising programme?

8. Which Army regiment may only use their weapons in self-defence?

9. 'The opinion, and the other opinion'. Which TV station's slogan?

10. In 1970, who published a satirical account of a Leonard Bernstein party to raise money for the Black Panther Party?