The Saturday Quiz


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1. What do the letters in BASE jumping stand for?

2. The term 'red brick' dates from a building completed in 1892 at which university?

3. In 1937, when Charles Kalms and Michael Mindel opened their photographic shop in Southend, they only had room for six letters on the fascia, so chose a name from the phone book. Which name?

4. Who was protected by 7,000 police officers on a recent trip to Athens?

5. The Falconcity of Wonders – where replicas of the seven wonders of the world are being built – can be found where?

6. Which well-known UK town takes its name from 15th-century Dutch ferryman Jan de Groote?

7. Which sea was French singer Charles Trenet gazing at in 1943 when he wrote "La Mer"?

8. 'The king of diseases, the disease of kings'. Which disease?

9. Benjamin Disraeli and Prunella Scales. What's the connection?

10. Which band, huge in the 1990s, named themselves after a leisure centre in Swindon?