The Saturday Quiz


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1. Edna O'Brien, Teddy Taylor, Michael Foot and Derek Worlock on 25 September, 1979. The first what?

2. There have been four 20th-century US presidents with alliterative first and surnames. Who?

3. Which theory was developed in the 1970s by James Lovelock?

4. The 'Cotton Nero A.x' is the name given to the original manuscript of which 14th-century Arthurian story?

5. Which Chinese martial art translates as 'achievement of man'?

6. What does 'Tardis' stand for in Doctor Who?

7. "Fast, unpredictable and hard to control but fun." Whose recently revealed description of riding whose horse?

8. Which US writer , who died earlier this year, said that "whenever a friend succeeds, a little something in me dies"?

9. Suomi is the local word for the language spoken in which northern European country?

10. Which 2009 scandal was the subject of Carol Ann Duffy's first poem as Poet Laureate?