The Saturday Quiz


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1. What type of pastry is said to have been invented in Vienna in 1683 to celebrate the defeat of the Ottomans by Christian forces in the siege of the city?

2. A male singer called Lindsey and a female singer called Stevie. Which celebrated 1970s band?

3. It was founded at Lincoln College, Oxford in 1946, and its members have included Carol Vorderman, Joyce Carol Oates, Adrian Moorhouse and Geena Davis. Which organisation?

4. Which major Asian city is an anagram of its country's capital?

5. Why are Alice bands so named?

6. Which organisation's HQ is at Langley, Virginia?

7. Which 1930s-set musical (made into a film in 1972) centres on events at the Kit Kat Club?

8. What is the ring road around Paris called?

9. Tom Queally 14 times between 13 August 2010 and 20 October 2012. What?

10. What is the military arm of the Chinese Communist Party called?

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