The Saturday Quiz


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1. Nurse Ratched is a notorious character from which 1962 novel (and celebrated 1975 film)?

2. Dating from 1997, what was Jamie Oliver's first cookery book called?

3. Who recently promoted her latest album by visiting seven cities in seven days?

4. Maria Miller is the third woman to hold the post of Culture Secretary since it was created in 1992. Who are the other two?

5. Queen Matilda of Flanders was the wife of which English king?

6. Who died younger – Mozart or Schubert?

7. In 1954, who became the first jazz musician to appear on the cover of Time magazine?

8. The Tahquamenon Falls in Michigan is the setting for which 1855 epic poem?

9. Enginuity is one of 10 museums in which English town?

10. The Carnegie Medal is a literary award for what genre of writing?