The Saturday Quiz


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1. Which leading British novelist (1903-1966) had the same first name as his first wife?

2. How is the Santa Clara Valley in northern California more colloquially known?

3. According to Pulp Fiction what do they call a Quarter Pounder with cheese in France?

4. What term for a business leader was coined by Thomas Carlyle in Past and Present (1843)?

5. The campaign to end childhood obesity in the US that was founded in 2010 by Michelle Obama is called what?

6. Paul Epworth was the co-author of this award-winning 2012 film-title song. Along with whom?

7. Which town in central France is named after the philosopher who was born there in 1596?

8. The Reichstag is the building, but what institution does it house?

9. Tradeston, Bells and Millennium are all bridges that cross which major UK river?

10. In San Francisco in 1967, which magazine was founded by Jann Wenner?

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