The Saturday Quiz


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1. British Museum, Lord's, Stoke Mandeville, and York Road are all former what?

2. The literary prize sponsored by Costa was, until 2005, sponsored by whom?

3. Denys Lasdun (1914-2001) was the architect who designed which major London cultural venue?

4. In which Asian country – roughly the size of Sweden – are more than 800 languages spoken?

5. West Sands at St Andrews in Scotland was a key location in which celebrated 1981 film?

6. With which British orchestra was Simon Rattle associated before the Berlin Philharmonic?

7. The Idyll of Miss Sarah Brown, a 1933 short story, was the inspiration for which musical?

8. André Breton was a key figure in the founding of which 1920s art and literary movement?

9. The Crimean War was fought in what is now which country?

10. First published in 1946, by Benjamin Spock, it was for decades the second bestselling book behind the Bible. What?

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