The Saturday Quiz


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1. AJ Ayer, George Melly, Claire Rayner and Linda Smith are all past presidents of which organisation?

2. What was General Franco's first name?

3. Which film star is known in his native land as Gégé?

4. Its founding editor, in 1979, was Karl Miller. Which publication?

5. In the original slogan, eight out of 10 cats preferred which cat food?

6. Whose celebrity memoir, published last year, shares its title with the name of the US President's country retreat?

7. Which member of Nato has no standing army?

8. The driving test (in the UK) became compulsory in which decade?

9. In 1911, New Delhi succeeded which city as the capital of India?

10. An English explorer after whom a major US river is named, he was cast adrift from his ship in 1611 when the crew mutinied and never seen again. Who was he?

Correction: New York's avenues number up to 12, not 11, as we said in the Quiz last week.

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