The Saturday Quiz


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1. Which two 19th-century French poets are honoured in London with the first blue plaque celebrating a gay relationship?

2. In the first UK chart in Nov 1952, a female British singer had three records in the Top 10. Who?

3. Which three animals are, respectively, the sources of saurian, aquiline, and asinine?

4. Before he became the Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby was Bishop of where?

5. Alistair Darling's campaign to keep Scotland as part of the Union is called what?

6. Who painted a pipe, adding the words 'Ceci n'est pas une pipe'?

7. What 20th-century event prompted the creation of a short-lived, government-controlled newspaper called the British Gazette?

8. For around 180 years from 1644, what country was known to outsiders as New Holland?

9. Who was the first head of state to visit Pope Francis?

10. What is distinctive about Berlin's East Side Gallery?

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