The Saturday Quiz


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1. Le Classique pits which two football clubs against each other?

2. Paul Morrissey (b 1944, New York) is best known for working with which artist and co-film director?

3. The European Broadcasting Union, the World Health Organisation, and the UN High Commission for Human Rights are all based in which city?

4.Which major UK railway station is named after a series of bestselling novels from the early to mid-19th century?

5. In 1909, which newspaper put up a £1,000 prize for the first cross-Channel flight?

6. Joseph Conrad; Graham Greene; Neil Young; Blondie. What's the connection?

7. Which capital city is traversed by the Almendares river?

8. Which is the largest shopping centre in the UK?

9. Henri Matisse, Che Guevara, John Cleese and Jerry Springer – all graduates in what subject?

10. Arthur Wellesley (b 1769) was a national hero known as who?

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