The Saturday Quiz


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1. Who is the biggest-selling female recording artist ever?

2. Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre are the two halves of which Caribbean island?

3. Westbourne, Tyburn, Fleet, Walbrook and Effra are all what?

4.The Treaty of Brest-Litovsk arose out of which war?

5. The three trustees of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, and who?

6. Which glossy monthly, founded in 1709, is widely regarded as the oldest magazine in the world?

7. The so-called Rhubarb Triangle is in which county?

8. John Schlesinger, Roman Polanski and Michael Winterbottom have all directed films of novels by whom?

9. The UN's annual International Day of Non-Violence was chosen to coincide with whose birthday?

10. Argentina, Brazil, Liberia and Malawi (among others). What's the connection?

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