The Saturday Quiz


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1. In which city did Stravinsky's Rite of Spring premiere 100 years ago?

2. George Gissing's 1891 novel New Grub Street explores this condition, but the term wasn't coined until the 1940s, by the psychoanalyst Edmund Bergler. What is it?

3. 'Agreement of the People' was a 17th-century manifesto associated with which English political group?

4. Olympic diving competitions involve diving from what height?

5. The world's longest-running radio show began in 1925 and is broadcast weekly from Nashville. What is it?

6.The Room, first produced in 1957, was whose first play?

7. Which is the only US state that has royal palaces?

8. is the web address of which major overseas English-language newspaper?

9. The Night Watch, from 1642, is widely regarded as the best-known painting in which European museum?

10. It's All Good is a cookery book by whom?

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