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Puzzles and Games

The Saturday quiz


1. Which girl's name is JM Barrie credited with inventing?

2. In 1968, the abolition of theatre censorship paved the way for which musical to open on the London stage the following day?

3. Who was the next US president after Richard Nixon to visit China?

4. In which book did Elizabeth Smart (1913-1986) recount her affair with George Barker?

5. The Sex Pistols'-inspired 1977 headline 'The Filth and the Fury' appeared in which newspaper?

6. Lydia Davis recently won which literary award?

7. In 1946, what revolutionary innovation in women's clothing was the work of French automobile engineer Louis Réard?

8. The word 'archipelago' originally applied to the group of islands in which sea?

9. How many points are there on a Microsoft Word asterisk?

10. Harold Macmillan addressed his 1960 'Wind of Change' speech to the parliament of which country?