The Saturday quiz


1. "All political careers end in failure." The words of which politician (1912-1998)?

2. Mulholland Drive is in which US city?

3. David Bowie changed his name because his original name was shared by which pop star?

4. Who owns a cat he says he wants to marry called Choupette?

5. Which writer (1903-1966) lived at Combe Florey?

6. Texel is the largest island in which European island group?

7. In American law, what term describes a writ that compels testimony from a witness?

8. Historian Alan Bullock (1914-2004) wrote the first biography of whom (published in 1952)?

9. Stephen Roche is the only Tour de France winner of which nationality?

10. "I scowl with frustration at myself in the mirror." The opening sentence of which multi-million-selling novel, published in 2011?

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