The Saturday Quiz


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1. The Hansa recording studios are in which city?

2. How many Scrabble letters are worth 10 points?

3. Which politician (1928-1999) lived at Saltwood Castle?

4. A letter Oscar Wilde wrote to Lord Alfred Douglas when Wilde was in jail was published under what title?

5. Moravia is a historic region that lies within which eastern European country?

6. Which science fiction writer's middle name was Kindred?

7. In 1986, whom did Cory Aquino succeed to become Asia's first woman president?

8. Which media magnate owned a yacht called Lady Ghislaine?

9. John F Kennedy, George Soros, Edwina Currie and Mick Jagger are among those who all studied where?

10. The director of which 1985 film starring Jonathan Pryce said "it was so good they named a country after it"?

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