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1. 'Square Dance', 'Round the Square', 'Round the Houses'. All working titles for which long-running TV programme?

2. In 1942, cartons of Lyons coffee were sold bearing the world's first known what?

3. Who recently knocked Ed Sheeran off the top of the album charts?

4. The Battle of Fishguard was the last time Britain was invaded. Who were the invaders?

5. "I want to be alone" was Greta Garbo's most famous line; in which Oscar-winning film did she say it?

6. What does the Foucault pendulum, an example of which is in the Science Museum in London, demonstrate?

7. Who was the first divorcée to become US President?

8. In June 1954, John Landy became the second man to do what?

9. In Parliament, the Treasurer, Comptroller and Vice-Chamberlain of HM Household are better known as what?

10. Who links Prince Charles and post-punk rockers Gang of Four?

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