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1. Qumar, Laputa and Laurania are all what?

2. 20 October, 1929; 19 October, 1987. What's the link?

3. "...or, The Town of Titipu". What comes first in this opera title?

4. Up, down, strange, charm, top and bottom: all types of what?

5. The 1958 novel 'Two Hours to Doom' was adapted into which 1964 black comedy film?

6. Dr Max Jacobson was a New York physician famed for his 'vitamin' injections, which in fact contained methedrine. What was his nickname?

7. At 36, what distinction did Nick Easter recently achieve?

8. Which 1990s comedy show has the most citations in the 'Oxford Dictionary of Catchphrases', ahead of 'Star Trek', 'The Goon Show' and 'Dad's Army'?

9. Which open source computer operating system is named after the southern African philosophy of 'humanity to others'?

10. Which Raquel Welch film was a remake of a remake of DW Griffith's 'Man's Genesis'?

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