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1. Who was the cover girl and centrefold for the first issue of 'Playboy', in 1953?

2. What, according to Rail Safety and Standards Board literature, is a "platform-train interface interaction"?

3. In 1862, during the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln met an author, greeting her as "the little woman who wrote the book that made this great war". Which author, which book?

4. Who did Georgy Malenkov succeed as his country's leader?

5. Which trade union was founded by Billy 'the Wiz' Meredith in 1907?

6. Which politician has appeared on 'Question Time' the most times?

7. Two brothers from Italy, Aldo and Frank, opened their first restaurant in 1955, the first of nearly 150 in Britain. What was their surname?

8. What online distinction did the now-defunct computer manufacturer Symbolics achieve in 1985?

9. In March 1980, 'A House Divided' was the third-season finale to which US series?

10. The Straits of Moyle is the shortest distance between where and where?

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