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1. Iggle Piggle, Makka Pakka, Upsy Daisy and the Tombliboos feature in which children's TV series?

2. In 1972, about three quarters of English Congregational churches merged with the Presbyterian Church of England to form what?

3. The Primrose League, which was wound up in 2004, was a group that promoted the cause of which political party?

4. Myrtille is the French name for what type of fruit?

5. "He's So Fine", a 1963 US girl group release by the Chiffons, was later said to have been plagiarised in a No 1 hit by which former Beatle?

6. Only one London Underground line connects with all the others. Which?

7. What was designated as Scotland's first new town on 6 May 1947?

8. "I coulda had class. I coulda been a contender. I coulda been somebody," is a quote from which multi-Oscar-winning film?

9. What are Pontefract Cakes made of?

10. Which is the least densely populated country within the EU?

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