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1. Which transport network made famous during the skiffle craze went out of business in 1980?

2. Which wireless technology protocol is named after Harald I, who united Denmark in the 10th century?

3. In 1997, what linked Gene Roddenberry, Timothy Leary and 22 others?

4. Who is Hasbro's American equivalent of Action Man?

5. 2 October, 1976: David Wagstaffe of Blackburn Rovers, followed later that afternoon by George Best of Fulham. The first two what?

6. What links the names of Judas Priest, Radiohead and the Pretty Things?

7. In which holy book is Mary mentioned more times than in the New Testament?

8. Which country's government declared a National Week of Laughter in the run-up to the pre-war Olympic Games held in its capital city?

9. The 1970 Ian McEwan story "Conversation with the Cupboard Man" was the first product of what?

10. What links Edale in the Peak District and Kirk Yetholm on the Scots border?

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