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1. What phrase links a long-awaited 1994 album and a 1920 poem by WB Yeats?

2. What's the historical significance of the 19-second video "Me at the zoo", recorded in 2005?

3. Which epithet, attributed to the Victorian judge Lord Bowen, signifies a hypothetical reasonable person?

4. Bulgaria, Greece, Georgia, Armenia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Iraq and Syria all border which country?

5. Lumache, Mafalde, Casareccia, Radiatori, Ruote: all types of what?

6. Jones the cat was a pet accompanying which science fiction heroine?

7. In 1905 Sir Henry Irving was interred in Westminster Abbey. What historical first did he achieve in the process?

8. 1968, Ford farm, Godshill; 1969, Wooton; 1970, Afton Down; 2002-, Seaclose Park. What's the musical link?

9. Which recently unseated MP was a founding member of the all-male drinking club The Steamers at Oxford?

10. Which television series links Dubrovnik, the Mountains of Mourne, Gozo, Doune Castle in Stirling and the Paint Hall Studio in Belfast?

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