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1. Which poet died of an infected mosquito bite on his way to Gallipoli?

2. Hollywood's Hays Code was introduced in 1930 partly in response to a scandal involving which silent film star?

3. The Battle of Stoke Field (1487) is regarded as the final engagement of which conflict?

4. Which opera is subtitled "...Or the Town of Titipu"?

5. 'The Colour of Magic' was the first novel in which series, whose author died this year?

6. What's the derivation of the letter "X" in "Xmas"?

7. Deezer, Earbits, Tidal: all examples of what?

8. Who died in 1941 when her plane crashed into the Thames Estuary?

9. The Cultural Revolution effectively ended in 1977 when the Chinese government lifted a ban on which long-dead English writer's work?

10. A seismologist who died in 1985, a Russian pianist who died in 1997 and a living German artist, one of whose paintings sold for £30.4m this year, share which surname?

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