The Saturday Quiz: Try our weekly brain teaser


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1. The 1964 film 'A Shot in the Dark' was the second appearance of which fictional detective?

2. 'The Benefit of Farting Explained' was a 1722 pamphlet published pseudonymously, but now attributed to whom?

3. The Tufty Club was formed in 1953 by which organisation?

4. Which Australian post-punk band shared their name with a Harold Pinter play?

5. In 1934, which culinary innovation did Carl Kaelin introduce in his burger bar?

6. Which TV comedy great, who died in 2005 aged 76, wrote scripts under the nom de plume Gerald Wiley?

7. By what name was the 1970s serial killer David Berkowitz better known?

8. 'The Eye in the Door' and the Booker Prize-winning 'The Ghost Road' were the second and third novels of a 1990s trilogy which began with which book?

9. What links the composer George Benjamin (1993) and ex-Talking Head David Byrne (2015)?

10. What historical first did Major Alexei Leonov achieve in March 1965?

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