The Saturday Quiz: Try our weekly brain teaser


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1. In the navigational sense, what does GPS stand for?

2. Which is the only one of Ian Fleming's James Bond novels to have a comma in the title?

3. Renzo Piano designed which major London building?

4. Which is the southernmost capital city in the EU?

5. In Life of Brian, which member of the Monty Python team spoke the line, "He's not the Messiah – he's a very naughty boy!"?

6. Stella Gibbons; Charles Frazier; John le Carré. What's the connection?

7. Who was the Republican challenger to Barack Obama in the 2012 US election?

8. What was the name of the Second World War government department responsible for the 'Keep Calm and Carry On' poster?

9. In 1969, which sport was given its own BBC2 series as a way of demonstrating the potential of colour TV?

10. Nob Hill, The Mission, and The Tenderloin are all in which US city?

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