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1. Lake Vostok is the largest lake on which continent?

2. The so-called Whiz Kids, a group of WWII intelligence analysts including future US defence secretary Robert McNamara, became executives at which then-ailing US motor company in 1946?

3. Which lager has been Britain's bestselling beer for over three decades?

4. What links Ted Hughes, Harold Pinter and Lennon/McCartney?

5. The Centenary Building of the University of Salford won the first edition of what prize?

6. Isaac Barrow was the first Lucasian Chair of Mathematics at Cambridge University. Who followed him in 1669?

7. Which specialist UK retailer (founded in Notting Hill in 1976) opened its first US store in Brooklyn this week?

8. The TV character Reginald Perrin shared his middle name with which Gilbert and Sullivan opera?

9. Which Scottish chocolate bar wrapper features the claim 'more than 5,000,000 of these biscuits made and sold every week'?

10. Who was the last US Vice President to resign?

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