The Saturday Quiz: Try our weekly brain teaser


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1. Which is the  closest capital city to Beijing?

2. Which British Prime Minister lived to the oldest age (92 and 364 days)?

3. LVMH is one  of the world’s biggest luxury goods’ conglomerates. What do the  letters in its name stand for?

4. ‘Skin’, ‘Heat’, ‘Lovely Days’, ‘Clues’, ‘Pitter Patter’ and ‘Who Done It’  were the six episodes of which lauded 1986 TV drama?

5. A new book, ‘The Everything Store’ by Bloomberg Businessweek journalist Brad Stone, charts the rise of which  company?

6. The American crime writer James Patterson had eight of the top 20 most what in Britain in 2012?

7. A giant squid  nicknamed ‘Archie’, resides in which London building?

8. What links Michael Frayn, Joan Didion and Leonard Cohen?

9. The ‘Hitmaker’, a white Fender Stratocaster supposedly responsible for £1bn-worth of hit songs, belongs to which musician/producer?

10. “Who’s there?”  is the first line  of what?

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