The Saturday Quiz: Try our weekly brain teaser


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1. What is the largest city through which central Europe’s River Isar flows?

2. Which Olympic team sport was invented in a Massachusetts YMCA in 1895 and originally called Mintonette?

3. Representatives of Great South, the People of Freedom and the Five Star Movement sit in which EU country’s parliament?

4. ‘The Smoking Man’ was a key figure in which 1990s TV series?

5. Which 20th-century world leader’s first name was given to him by his primary school teacher in 1925?

6. Which multinational trades on the London Stock Exchange as BATS and the New York Stock Exchange as BTI?

7. Which rock  festival franchise is named after a song by the Velvet  Underground?

8. Rodgers and  Hammerstein, Alexander Payne and Joni Mitchell. What’s the  connection?

9. Who are the only debutants at next year’s Fifa World Cup in Brazil?

10. Dr Syntax’s Head, Cornwall and Lowestoft Ness, Suffolk are what?

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