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1. In a 1900 cricket match at Crystal Palace, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle took the wicket of whom? An event he commemorated in verse in "A Reminiscence of Cricket".

2. Which composer's name, translated from Italian to English, becomes – roughly – Joseph Green?

3. Mato Grosso, Pará, Bahia and Acre. All states in which country?

4. Who will – for the second time in her career – host this year's Academy Awards?

5. James Joyce opened what – the first dedicated building of its kind in Ireland – in 1909?

6. Which Greek thinker was a tutor to a young Alexander the Great?

7. Marie Curie, Voltaire, Alexandre Dumas and Victor Hugo can all be found where?

8. The Bluecoat Chambers are the oldest surviving building in the centre of which English city?

9. Which fictional character – now aged 51 – attended Bangor University?

10. What connects Peter Benchley, Alice Walker, JG Ballard, Philip K Dick and HG Wells?

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