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1. The International, a supermarket on London's King's Road – now a Co-op – was the inspiration for a 1979 song by which band?

2. What was struck on the hand and head by lightning on 16 January, requiring major repairs?

3. Henry Kissinger, lumberjacks, Oliver Cromwell and Finland. What's the connection?

4. The Michigan Stadium in Ann Arbor hosted 106,000 fans for a match in January dubbed 'The 2014 Winter Classic'. Which sport were they watching?

5. Which 1948 Shakespeare adaptation became the first UK film to win the Best Picture Oscar?

6. Wine merchant Berry Bros & Rudd, Boots pharmacy, Aston Martin and The Goring Hotel all share which distinction?

7. What is the oldest still-operating major national UK newspaper?

8. The ADC Theatre in Cambridge is the home of which famous company?

9. Fred Astaire, George Orwell and Duke Ellington. Which one was born in the 20th century?

10. Which city in England's north-west was Ewan MacColl's "Dirty Old Town" written about?

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