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1. Which country is the biggest world producer of cheese?

2. The words on whose gravestone begin: '1564-1616: Good friend for Jesus's sake forbear/ To dig the dust enclosed here'?

3. Which sci-fi writer devised the 'The Three Laws of Robotics'?

4. Between 1891-1919, the African states of Burundi, Rwanda and Tanzania formed part of a colony controlled by which country?

5. Salford playwright Shelagh Delaney appeared on an LP cover of which band in 1987?

6. Tea flavoured with bergamot is typically known by which name?

7. Salma Yaqoob is the former leader of which British political party?

8. Spencer Gore (1877) and Maud Watson (1884) were the first male and female winners of what?

9. Which London road is mentioned in songs by The Clash, Blur and featured on the cover of the Jam's 'This is the Modern World'?

10. Which literary magazine was founded in 1889, named for a stretch of river in the city of its founding?

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