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1. 'Boiling Point', a 1998 Channel 4 documentary helped which chef find a mainstream audience?

2. A screening of the film 'Noah' in Exeter had to be cancelled on 7 April thanks to what?

3. The former 'Daily Record' offices and the Royal Highland Fusiliers Regimental Museum in Glasgow were designed by which architect?

4. Jack Dromey, Liam Byrne, Steve McCabe and Shabana Mahmood are all MPs for constituencies in which UK city?

5. Edward Bernays – the father of modern public relations – was the nephew of which famous Austrian, who died in London in 1939?

6. Which is the largest of Greece's Ionian Islands?

7. Currer Bell, Ellis Bell and Acton Bell. Also known as?

8. The Magnificent Seven, a group of seven London sites in areas including Tower Hamlets, Nunhead and Highgate, are what?

9. American entrepreneur Johns Hopkins has universities, hospitals and a number of medical schools named for him in which city?

10. JG Ballard, Eric Clapton and M Ageyev (aka Mark Levi). What's the connection?

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