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1. The National Coal Museum in South Wales is known by which two-word name?

2. The fictional Parr family are also known by the name of which 2004 animated film?

3. Which TV series is based on the books of George RR Martin?

4. Which former Prime Minister served as Father of the House of Commons from 1992 to 2001?

5. Which Middle Eastern leader once studied at the Western Eye Hospital in London?

6. Which has a bigger population, Luxembourg or Iceland?

7., Sub Pop records and Getty Images are all companies based in which US city?

8. A gold medal is awarded to the winner of the public service journalism category of which American prizes?

9. Which UK political group formed in 1950 after being expelled from the Revolutionary Communist Party?

10. Northlandz, a one-man, 16-year construction project in New Jersey features 400 bridges, 3,000 buildings, 50,000 streets. What is it?

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