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1. Which recent inductee to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland released an album for children in 2000 entitled 'A is for Allah'?

2. San Marino, Vatican City and Lesotho are the only three examples of what?

3. With more than 40,000 outlets, which is the world's biggest restaurant chain?

4. Molière, Sid James, Tommy Cooper. What's the link?

5. What's the subject matter of the American magazine 'Prick'?

6. What does Georges Perec's novel 'La Disparition' lack?

7. Three Scots kings and three Russian tsars share what name?

8. In which summer Olympics did Britain last finish top of the medals table?

9. Which 2004 play and 2006 film are set in the fictional Cutlers' Grammar School in Sheffield?

10. In his patent application, Doug Engelbart called his invention "an x-y indicator for a display system". What's it better known as?

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