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1. What was recently named the UK's most downloaded song?

2. The need to fund which king's wars led to the foundation of the Bank of England?

3. The Computing Tabulating Recording Corporation, founded in 1911 in the US, changed its name in 1924. To what?

4. In which holy book is Mary mentioned more times than in the New Testament?

5. BBC interviews with Dizzee Rascal; Russell Brand's statement to MPs on drug addiction; tweets by Caitlin Moran. What's the link?

6. The Blueshirts, who fought for Franco in the Spanish Civil War, were from which country?

7. 'Halal' is Arabic for 'permitted'. What's the term for 'forbidden'?

8. What historical distinction is held by Liverpool Road railway station in Manchester?

9. As Poet Laureates, what distinguishes John Dryden and Andrew Motion from the rest?

10. In 1981, Francis Hughes was the second, and there were eight more. A week earlier who had been the first?

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