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1. The failed Lionel Bart musical "Twang!!" was based on the exploits of which fictional character?

2. In which country will the 2018 Commonwealth Games be staged?

3. Which First World War heroine famously said "I realise that patriotism is not enough" the night before her execution?

4. What links writer Arthur Koestler, The Specials, and Rolls-Royce?

5. Property experts claim that because of a trend by wealthy homeowners to add basements to their homes around a thousand what are entombed around London?

6. The 1830 novel "Paul Clifford" by Edward Bulwer-Lytton has one of the most recognisable opening phrases in English literature. What is it?

7. Which UK motorway opened in 1958 and was finally completed in 2008?

8. Which US state is known historically as the Buckeye State?

9. Which naval title is derived from the Arabic word for commander?

10. Folk singer Dave Van Ronk was said to be the inspiration behind which 2013 film?

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