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1. What term was introduced in 1899 by the sociologist Thorstein Veblen to signify the behavioural characteristics of the newly wealthy?

2. The emerald is a variety of which mineral?

3. Sir Peter Tapsell, Alan Williams, Tam Dalyell. The three most recent what?

4. When Britain was still linked by land to continental Europe, the Thames was a tributary of which river?

5. She entered the Wimbledon singles three times, and won three times. Who?

6. In the early 20th century, which Hertfordshire town became the first Garden City?

7. Where in 10,000 places in Britain can you hear the voice of actress Helena Breck?

8. Which musician added 'St John le Baptiste de la Salle' to his middle names in recognition of the school he attended?

9. Who remarked to a fellow officer on the Western Front in 1915, "I am never going to have anything more to do with politics and politicians"?

10. When Jorge Luis Borges was made Director of Argentina's National Library, why did he describe it as "a magnificent irony"?

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