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1. Which social policy began in Iceland in 1915 and lasted there, to some extent, until 1 March 1989?

2. What is the literal translation of the Qatari news organisation Al Jazeera?

3. Which Greek philosopher lived in a tub?

4. The brand name of which beverage is based, in part, on the Chinese word for doctor?

5. Which American soul singer who died in 2010 was also a qualified mortician?

6. Church Flatts Farm near the village of Coton in the Elms in Derbyshire has been recognised by the Ordnance Survey as what?

7. Which English poet devised the word 'pandemonium'?

8. What sporting area is one chain or 66 feet long?

9. Which Italian-born 20th-century confidence trickster gave his name to a fraudulent investment scheme?

10. What is the name of the cloth placed on the backs of chairs, seats and sofas to prevent them being soiled by hair oil?

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