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1. Which is the only ship to have been sunk by a nuclear submarine?

2. What language does a Lusophone speak?

3. What was annexed by Britain in 1955 to prevent the Soviet Union spying on missile tests?

4. What does the Karman Line demarcate?

5. In the US, what were "normal schools"?

6. In 1939 Victor Fleming directed two legendary films. What were they called?

7. Which bird, whose zigzagging movements make it hard to kill, gives its name to a skilled marksmen?

8. In the 1960s, which board game was described by rival manufacturers, trying to have it removed from the shelves, as "sex in a box"?

9. Who said, when asked after meeting George V if he felt underdressed, said, "Oh, it was fine, the King was wearing enough for both of us"?

10. Which famous Romanian surname translates as "son of the dragon"?

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