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1. The Rev CL Jackson was also known as 'The Million Dollar Voice'. Who was his soul singer daughter?

2. Which company began operating in Skegness in 1936 with the slogan 'Our true intent is all for your delight'?

3. The outfits of which band, as worn in the video for their 1982 No 1 single, were inspired by 'The Grapes of Wrath'?

4. Which scientific phrase was first uttered by the astronomer Fred Hoyle on BBC radio in 1949?

5. Dingy Skipper; White-letter Hairstreak; Duke of Burgundy; Camberwell Beauty. All examples of which animal?

6. Which recently deceased singer's guitar, replete with autographs of stars from the 1950s-60s, was insured for a sum thought to be between £1.5m-£2m?

7. Which seafood dish takes its name from the French Revolutionary calendar?

8. Melvyn Bragg was the first winner, in 1993, Manil Suri the most recent, in 2013. Which award?

9. The radical redesign of 'The Times' in 1932 saw the first appearance of which typeface?

10. Which toy, launched in 1956, was originally developed as a wallpaper cleaner?

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